Live streaming is becoming an increasingly powerful and popular tool for businesses, and individuals, looking to provide people a behind-the-scenes look at an event, process or organization.

live-stream-photoApplications like Periscope and Meerkat, both still relatively new to the world of social media, are growing in popularity and audience by the day.

It almost seems as though every time I log in to Periscope, I discover a number of friends and businesses that just created their profiles.

There are a ton of reasons why applications that provide a live-broadcasting service are growing in popularity. I could spend hours writing about the different benefits that organizations and brands can provide to their audiences by connecting via live-stream.

However, to air on the side of brevity, here are the top four reasons why I think mobile broadcasting is booming, and why you need to set up a profile for your small business:

  1. Social media is becoming a visually-dominated space: Any article you read will show you the strong statistics that prove photos and videos are the future of social media. People have become lazy and don’t want to read text anymore. When all your fans need to do to get a behind-the-scenes look at your event or business is open an app, it makes it much easier for them to take action and tap in.
  2. Fear of missing out is real: It’s exciting to feel like you’re a part of the action. The great thing about these applications is they enable you to feel that way regardless of where you live, and whether you can get to the event or organization in person. Viewing broadcasts on Periscope make you feel like you’re really there.
  3. Real-time drives results: People enjoy, and seek out, opportunities to get involved in something in real-time. Why do you think Twitter chats have become such a powerful tool for organizations? Using a live-streaming app lets your audience get engaged with you in real-time, and also provides them the opportunity to ask questions. (Periscope has a chat feature.) This means that as a business, you can connect to your customers immediately, while also providing them with answers and information that they’re looking for on the spot.
  4. Show your human side: Live-streaming applications provide you with the opportunity to showcase the human side of your business. Take them on an office tour or backstage at an event, or maybe feature your President or senior team… Regardless, it’s a great way to show the faces of the people who do the work, and doing that will undoubtedly make your audience feel more connected to you.

I highly encourage you to hop on Twitter and create your Periscope profile today so that you can start to use this technology as a way to connect, inspire, inform and educate your audience.

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

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