There is no doubt that video platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the social media landscape.

Learning about the future of video in social media marketing is extremely important, especially when considering the following statistics:

  • 2/3 of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2017 (Neomobile)
  • Five tweets per second contain a Vine link (7th Chamber)
  • Since the launch of Instagram video, there has been a 37 percent increase in Instagram shares on Twitter (Buzzfork)
  • Instagram videos are creating two-times more engagement than Instagram photos (Simply Measured)

While Vine was the first video platform to boom, Instagram launched their own video capabilities just a few months after Vine came to market. Not only did Instagram’s launch of video functionality place them as a direct competitor to Vine, but they one-upped Vine by introducing 15 second video, compared to Vine’s measly 6 seconds.

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To the surprise of many, Instagram hasn’t replaced Vine in the social media-sphere. In fact, Vine has only continued to grow despite the competition; Vine has gained 27 million users since Instagram integrated video in June 2013.

And while Instagram may have the power of numbers (130 million users compared to Vine’s 13 million users), Vine has the power of engagement. According to Luce Performance Group, from June 19 to July 19, Vine videos got .0206 percent average engagement rate and an average of 20 retweets, while Instagram videos got .0111percent average engagement rate and an average of 7 retweets.

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Although Instagram and Vine are comparable in many ways (how to shoot video, the ability to add a text description using hashtags, and the ability to upload and share videos across multiple social media platforms), there are a number of differences between the two platforms:

Vine vs Instagram

Despite the fact that Instagram has more features than Vine, Vine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The social media platform has a niche audience and offers a number of unique features that Instagram doesn’t:

  • The ReVine feature: allows users to essentially “Retweet” videos which appear directly on their profile. This feature allows for videos to go viral much faster.
  • The Loop: this feature encourages users to get creative.
  • Shorter length: the 6 second length makes for efficient uploading and downloading, providing users with instant gratification.

Similarly, the more you play around with both Instagram and Vine, the easier it is to see the differences in functionality of each platform. Getting to know both platforms well makes it easier for you to choose the appropriate one based on your goal for creating the video in the first place.

For example, Vine is a great tool to use for the following:

  • Looped videos
  • How-to videos
  • Video teasers: feature a new product or show a snippet of an upcoming event. The six second length will keep viewers interested, making them eager to learn more.
  • Creative videos: it seems as though Vine’s shorter video length produces more creativity because it forces users to be smarter about what they shoot. Vine is great for creating stop-motion animation.

Instagram is great to use for:

  • Promotional Campaigns & Commercial Style Videos: The extra nine seconds that Instagram provides (when compared to Vine) allows for much more “meat” in the message, making Instagram the better choice when you want to create a lengthier video which has a specific call to action.
  • Already created videos: Instagram lets you upload existing videos from your phone’s media library / camera roll, whereas Vine requires you to shoot the video directly in the app.

When it comes down to it, it’s really all about preference considering the fact that Vine and Instagram have a different appeal to users.

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Go cast your vote and comment below sharing your opinion on which video app you prefer and why.

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