I have to admit, I’m not exactly the most organized person on the planet. I work from multiple computers, in multiple locations, take notes on scrap paper, in a binder notebook, on my iPhone, on my iPad, and who knows were else some of these notes that I could have sworn that I wrote down disappeared to! Well, I have been looking for a solution to this issue. It’s a big issue for me, too. Running a business, having a family, starting a local blog, shooting photos with my wife and just day to day tasks and responsibilities is a lot to keep track of. I really thought that writing it all in a notebook was the answer for me. But, I often found myself out, without my notebook around, with a need to make a note of something that I needed to check on or someone that I needed to contact about something, so I would make a note somewhere else. Now I have notes all over the place!

Well, my problem is official solved!

I recently discovered TeuxDeux. And I am so glad that I did! TeuxDeux is a very cleanly designed, simple to use, and cross platform application that I now put all of my notes into. That’s because it’s on my computer (via any browser), plus it has a nice iPhone and iPad. Let’s face it, chances are, I have one of those things with me when I’m anywhere.

Top 5 things I love about TeuxDeux:

  1. Keep it simple: TeuxDeux makes is simple to keep everything that I need to do, no matter who or what it’s for, all in one place.
  2. Task rollover: You can assign a task to today, or a day in the future. If you don’t complete the task on that day, TeuxDeux will automatically move the task to the next day! No more tasks being left behind. If you don’t complete all of your tasks for today, when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll find that the tasks are now all moved over! This is probably my favorite thing about it.
  3. Task formatting: You can include links in your tasks to save you time from having to look up a website. You can also make words bold or italic
  4. List organization: You can create additional lists of tasks that don’t necessarily have dates tied to them, but just need to be noted and eventually done. You have full control over what you call these separate lists.
  5. Accessibility: I can access my TeuxDeux list from anywhere, at any time!


If you’re like me, and have a lot of balls up in the air, then you might want to give TeuxDeux a try. It has a 30 day free trial, and then it’s very affordable once your trial expires. It has definitely helped me to get better organized, and get more done – which to me is exactly what I needed. So, thank you to TeuxDeux! Keep up the good work!

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