How To Solve 5 of the Toughest SEO Issues

by | Jan 31, 2020

When we complete an SEO audit or are engaged with a client in an ongoing SEO project, we often see some of the same issues pop up. Some of them are simple fixes, and we can quickly make those changes. Some of them are more complicated and take more time and testing to fix and see the results. We didn’t write the article that we are linking to below, but we think that the author did a really good job of describing 5 of the top SEO issues on websites, and how to fix them. Since they did such a good job of creating this article, we decided it would be smart to share it with you. Of course, if you’ve made it part or all of the way through this and say to yourself “I have no idea how to do this!”, don’t worry, we do! Give us a call, or email us as we’ll help you.

Search Engine Journal: 5 of the Most Complex SEO Problems & How to Fix Them

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image courtesy of Search Engine Journal