SEO for WordPress

by | Feb 6, 2013

Some people still think that WordPress is only for blogging. It is so much more! We use it for a lot of our projects, and our customers love it. One of the keys to why theBrewRoom prefers to use WordPress is because it makes the life of people who Search Engine Optimize a lot easier. There are features built into WordPress that help SEO’s, and there are LOTS of plugins out there that fill in the gaps.

Yoast WordPress SEO PluginSEOMoz hosted an informative webinar on how to optimize WordPress for search engines. If you are using WordPress, you should see this. If you aren’t already using the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, then you need to. This is usually the first plugin that we install when we set up a new site on WordPress. We highly recommend it.

Watch the Webinar:



Let us know what you think about WordPress and SEO in the comments below. Do you agree with using WordPress? Do you have other plugins or tools that you prefer?