“We are starting a new business.”

Nothing gets us going like people who decide to take the leap and start to work for themselves! We love it when we hear those words. It means that people have found what the love to do, and they want to make it the thing they get up every morning excited to do. We know how it feels, it’s why we do what we do, too. We helped Poppy Events with their logo, as well as a new website.

Logo & Website Design: Poppy Events by theBREWROOM in Buffalo
Logo & Website Design: Poppy Events by theBREWROOM in Buffalo

Design that stands the test of time

We don’t just do what’s trendy, or what we see everyone else doing. We do what we feel is right for each client. This means that we do some research into the industry, competition, customers, etc. We want to make sure that when someone from Poppy’s target audience lands on the site, they feel like they can find the information that they need, and are happy with the experience. We also want to make sure that Poppy doesn’t need to redesign their website every year. The design needs to last, and still look good.

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