Useful Links for Marketers

Some of our favorite marketing and website tools:

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Friends don’t let friends use bad hosting for their website! We believe in a strong foundation for all of the websites we build, which is why we only use the best when it comes to WordPress website hosting. If you don’t need our help with you hosting, at least take our advice on a solution to use for it.

Get Optimized WordPress Hosting

Calculate Conversion Values

Some marketers don’t really know what the value of a conversion on their website is really worth. This could be anything from a contact form submission or phone call, or anything else that you have set up as a goal or conversion in Google Analytics or Google Ads. Where this becomes important is when optimizing a Google Ads campaign. So, use this handy tool created by Google to help you figure out what a conversion’s value is.

Calculate your website conversion values

Photo and Video Editing For Busy Professionals

Need to create a quick graphic or remove the background from a logo or image. Don’t have Photoshop? Canva can help solve a lot of problems.

Give Canva a try

Test your website's speed and performance

Don’t just take our word for it, ask Google! Check page speed and other key performance elements using Google’s Lighthouse testing tool.

Add the Lighthouse extension to your Chrome browser

Track your marketing performance

Don’t send an email or post a link to the web/social etc without setting up a tracking link so that you can get as much info as possible in Google Analytics about where you’re getting your traffic from and how those links are performing.

Create Your Campaign URL