There are TONS of services out there that can get you up and running. I have tried out several of them. Right now, I use Pair Networks both to register my domain names, as well as to set up and manage hosting, email, databases, etc.

They have a friendly and easy to learn interface, and their uptime and reliability seems to working out well for me.

Do you know what the domain name is for the site that you want to start? If so, click here to get started:
Search for a Domain Name

Once you have your domain name (URL) secured, you will want to set up hosting for the site.  Pair makes this pretty easy! They also have great customer service. Click the image to the right to get started with setting up your hosting.

Let us know if you need help doing this, and we can assist. We have done this a ton of times and can take care of this whole process for you. There are several options that you can choose from for hosting. In most cases, you’ll need the most basic plan. But, if you aren’t sure, contact us and ask.

Hopefully, you’ve made your way through the purchase process and have purchased your domain name, as well as hosting. Once this is done, you’ll get notification when the products that you have purchased are ready to be managed. You’ll receive an email with all sorts of useful information. You will want to keep that in a safe place! When you get the notification, you can log into Pair and set up your hosting. Go to Domain Hosting Management and Add a Domain Name That is Already Registered, which is the same one that you just registered. You should just be able to enter the domain name into the space and click Proceed. This will show you the Name Servers that need to be assigned to your domain name back on the PairNIC site.


From this point, you need to make a decision on how you want to start building your site. You can install a CMS tool like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or you can start uploading HTML files to the site via FTP. Your FTP details will be in that email that I mentioned above.

If you need help going forward from here, let us know. Send me a message from the CONTACT page.

Good luck!

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