Google+ Profile Image Changes

by | Mar 28, 2013

For those of you that are on Google+, you may have noticed that when you visit your Company Page’s profile, it asks you if you would like to update your Cover photo to the new, larger format. Yes, it’s huge! But that’s a nice big canvas on which you can show off your photoshop skills. ­čÖé

The new cover photo is responsive – meaning that it will resize to fix people’s browsers on their phones. This is a good thing. What this also means is that you need to make sure that your image is large enough to fix on people’s computer screens, while letting Google+ handle the rezising down on people’s phones.

The new cover photo should be a┬ámaximum of 2120 x 1192 pixels for retina displays. But, no smaller than┬á960 x 540 pixels. Google offers up Help and instructions on changing your cover photo. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Google Plus Cover Photo

You probably won’t see a notification about this next change, but it’s something that you should pay attention to. The profile icon also has changed. Google+ now displays this in a┬ácircular┬ácontainer, which means that people with square logos, or with text under their logo (like us) may see the ends of the words cut off, which we did. We resized our image to have more whitespace around the actual logo, and this fixed the issue. I would play around with yours a little bit to make it look the way that you want it to look.

That’s it. Simple, and done.