Since we do a lot of stuff online, we thought that we might share some information on products that we like to use.


DropboxDo you share files between multiple computers at home, or at work, or at both? Do you ever find that it might be useful to be able to access certain files on your table or mobile phone, but they’re on your computer, and you don’t know how to get them over to your device? Well, Dropbox is perfect for that.

We use Dropbox to share files with clients. Throughout our project process, we share files and information with our clients via a shared Dropbox folder. It’s ridiculously easy to set up, and it gives you a good amount of space for free. If you refer additional people, you get even more free space! Give Dropbox a try, and explore more of the cool features that come with this tool.

Google Aps for Business

Google Apps for Business

Our email, documents, calendar, etc all run on Google Apps for Business. This makes it very easy to access our emails from anywhere. It also syncs your emails, calendars and files across lots of devices. There are tons of applications that integrate with Google Apps for Business that can help you run your business as well. We use several, such as invoicing software, project management software, crm tools, etc! (If this, then that)

IFTTT.comNow this is a cool tool! You can integrate lots of “channels” that you might have, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, etc… and when you do something on one of those, it can trigger something on another “channel”.
We have some “recipes” set up to automatically publish certain things that we do on Twitter to our company blog. Pretty neat stuff. It basically helps you automatically publish things across lots of different platforms (what they call channels). It’s a good way to keep all of your different channels active and updated on a regular basis.


feedly feed readerOur #1 Favorite replacement for Google Reader. Lots of people were terribly upset about Google Reader being given the axe this year. We, on the other hand, were PSYCHED because it forced us to find something better. And something better we found, indeed! There’s even a really nice mobile app version.

Search for, or plug in your favorite blogs and news feeds and organize them. It also gives you lots of sharing options.

Hint: you can integrate Feedly with – so when you tag something in Feedly, it automatically shares that article with the channel(s) of your choice. So cool!

OK, that’s enough for you to take in for now. Hope you find this helpful. If so, please share it!

What tools do you like? Want advice on other tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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