It’s About the Content

by | Mar 25, 2014

We have a process here at theBREWROOM. Whether we are redesigning an existing website, designing a new website, or reviewing a website and coming up with SEO recommendations, it always, Always, ALWAYS comes down to the content. No matter what your website is about, or what you are selling, or who you are selling it to, the one thing that needs to be done right is the content. It needs to be clear what you do, who you do it for, and why someone should hire you. If this is not clear, you have failed. We were recently asked if we had one specific piece of advice to offer to other developers that are looking to incorporate Search Engine Optimization into their website development process. We answered with:  “Always include SEO at the beginning of the process.” This means that it is not something that you do when you’re done designing a site. It’s not something that you do when you have already built your site, and you’re reviewing it with a client, or your team. It’s something that you do right from the start. After all, you are not just optimizing your site for search engines. You are optimizing your site for your customers, and to do that, you need to do the work at the beginning of your process.

Basic content marketing pointers:

  • Be the authority on the topic you want your site to rank well for. You want to include your main keyword as well as supporting keywords that relate back to your main keyword. If you don’t know how to find out what those are, ask us for help. Heck, we’ll probably write a blog about that soon, but for now, you can visit this great post about it. Here’s a link to the 2020 Keyword Research Guide from SEM Rush.
  • Make the content have a purpose – why do you want someone to read this? What do you want them to learn or know? 
  • Include clear calls to action – what do you want the user to do next? Click a button? Sign up for something? Contact you? Download something?
  • Support your copy and content with an interesting or meaningful image. It has been proven that people like visuals. Video would be great, as it adds to time spent on the page as well as more engaging content – but creating good video isn’t as easy as pointing your phone at your face.
  • Check your spelling! If you’re spelling things wrong and using poor grammar, then you won’t look professional.

Thanks for listening. Please share if you agree with the points mentioned above.