Since this week is Small Business Week, we thought that it would be a perfect time to post a quick mention about some of the great local businesses that we have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years.

Celebrate the Independents in Shadyside

Shadyside PittsburghPittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood is one of the greatest locations for shopping local. There are so many small businesses in the area that you probably don’t even know about. They even have an annual event to help make you aware of the fact. Did you know that?  Check out the “Celebrate Your Independents” event in Shadyside from June 29th through July 3rd.

Doggie Daycare and Dog Boarding in Robinson PA

We are pretty blatant dog lovers over here at theBrewRoom. Our personal Instagram, Facebook, Google+ accounts are littered with photos of our two beloved creatures. But, did you know that there is a great small business in Robinson PA that can take care of your dog while you’re at work, or away on vacation (should you choose not to take them with you)? Friendly Paws Pet Resort has multiple play yard areas, clean kennels and a dog-loving staff that will make your furry friend feel at home, while they aren’t at home. You should check them out if you feel you might need to send the 4-leg friend somewhere for a day or more.

We Love Thai Food!

Thai Food in PittsburghI mean, who doesn’t love Thai food? Ok, I know some people that don’t. Just a few. But anyway, there is a FANTASTIC Thai restaurant in Regent Square in Pittsburgh. For those of you that are familiar with the area, there used to be a Green Mango restaurant in the spot. It is now called Thai Cottage, and the food is just as good, if not better than it was with Green Mango. We actually think it’s better, and we ordered from both restaurants quite often. Love the Crab Fried Rice!!!! Give them a try. The owners are fantastic people. The weather is perfect for eating outside these days also. They have space out in front of the restaurant, so take advantage of that!


Happy National Small Business Week! And go out and celebrate your Independents!

Thanks for listening…

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