For how simplistic Twitter is, there are some amazingly productive things that you can do with it.  One of my favorites is creating lists.

  • You can break it down by topic: city specific, industry specific (ie: thought leaders, competitors, etc), frequent and/or regular customers, clients, employees, etc.
  • You can track important events.Twitter List
  • You can organize your thoughts.  This is especially helpful if you follow many people and/or many different kinds of people.
  • You can curate content.
  • You can track competitors (just don’t name your list “competitors”) and/or prospective clients (just don’t name that one “prospects”).
  • You can clearly prioritize your time spent online and optimize it.

You can do so much with the information that you’ve gathered from your Twitter lists.

  • You can interact with users more easily.  If you have a list dedicated to regular customers, you’ll be more likely to see a tweet and respond to them when you designate a listed category for them; they don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Remember-social media is social!
  • You can showcase the people you work with and align yourself towards.  When people go on to your Twitter profile, they’ll see all the Twitter lists you’ve created (granted, they have to be designated as public).  Then, they can see in your “Clients” list, who you’re working with, what you’ve done for them, and want to be a part of that list, too.  Exclusivity is a powerful motivator, my friend.
  • You can streamline your time spent on Twitter by clearly seeing everything laid out.  Instead of scrolling endlessly through your feed, you can just go to your “Thought Leaders” Twitter list, easily find their tweets, retweet, and respond to what they’ve said (thus stepping closer to being a respected leader in your industry as well).  You can catch up on what’s happening in your group of employees.  You can respond to complaints from customers in a timely fashion.

Here’s a fun post from Hootsuite about using a “Listmaker” account.  There’s a lot of really useful information there, so if you’re interested in furthering the power of your Twitter list, take a look.

And if the thought of all of this is too overwhelming for you, just contact theBrewRoom team.  They can set this all up and run it for you (or show you how) to reduce your anxiety.  Of course, you can always make a Twitter list of “anxiety-reducing people” that you follow.

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