A Good Website Isn’t Just Pretty

by | Jul 16, 2013

Pretty Website != Good Website

( != means “does not equal” )

Pretty Website

If someone comes to your site, but can’t find the information that they are looking for, then your website has failed that user.

If someone comes to your website, and has to wait for some flashy presentation to appear and go through its motions before they can get to the actual site, then your website has failed that user.

It’s all about providing a good user experience.
If you make it easy for your site’s visitors to find what they are looking for – you win.
If you also make it visually appealing – big win.
If you make it each of those things, and do it across different viewing devices – HUGE WIN!

Good User Experience = Good Website

Well, that’s just our opinion…. Or is it? What do you think? Do you agree, disagree?

A good friend inspired me to write this today. Thanks Brad!