5 Tips for New Bloggers

by | Nov 12, 2013

1. Learn how to write. There is no doubt that rising technological innovations have changed how we communicate, but it is still true that good, solid writing with use of real words and proper sentence structure communicates most effectively to readers. Write active, concise sentences: Choose your words wisely.

2. Edit. In other words, do not get attached to your words! If you have trouble with this, ask a friend to edit for you. Read and reread your text to make sure that details like times, dates, names, website links, photo credits, grammar and spelling are correct. After finishing a blog post, wait 24 hours, reread it again, and then post it.

3. Incorporate links. To build virtual community, link to fellow friends and bloggers’ websites. Think of it as e-networking: The old “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” mentality, otherwise known as “reciprocity”. Choose the bloggers and blogs you link to based on styles and readerships similar to your own. To gain credibility, link to factual, news-based websites: It proves that you take pride in researching and providing your readers with fresh and accurate information. Links provide an outlet for your readers to explore your blog topics on their own time, potentially fueling more blog comments, sharing, and general interaction.

4. Outsource work beyond your skill set. If you have very little experience with technology and web design, then the amount of time it will take you to teach yourself how to create a banner for your homepage, infographics for blog posts and a beautifully designed website layout will be much more work-intensive and much less efficient then you think. Consider–at least initially–asking friends and family for help or hire a web design specialist.

5. Pick a social media platform. Find the social media platform that most resonates with you (Image-oriented? Instagram. Love words and link sharing? Facebook. Short attention span? Twitter, etc.) Then, update it regularly: several times daily, if possible. Most platforms can be linked together, so connect the one you use most with all of your other profiles and updates will happen simultaneously. Marketing via social media is a great and easy way to get more views.